The TABCO tank-coupling, which comes with a standard overfill protection, is an economic, durable and safe solution. With good reason over 2000 couplings have been installed since 2002:

  • Shorter fuelling times and less foaming means more efficient refuelling.
    When pressure filling, a larger capacity can be transferred than when using a handheld nozzle, thus shortening the filling time. Fuel nozzles also cause foaming, which means that tanks can be underfilled. The TABCO fuelling system does not use nozzles, so there is much less foaming, and the tank can be fully topped up.
  • No rupturing tank or the resultant damage to a vehicle and high clean-up costs
    When a tank is overfilled, the excess fuel is forced out through the vent, and overpressure is created in the tank that can cause the tank to burst. The TABCO tank coupling prevents overfilling, and so tanks rupturing, and all the consequences of that, will never again be an issue.
  • No fuel spillage
    The TABCO tank coupling system is a no-leak system, which means that no fuel will be spilled, saving not only on money but also our environment.
  • No theft of fuel through the opening
    The TABCO no-leak tank coupling is sealed off when it is not connected to a hose, which makes it impossible to steal fuel using the fuelling point.